Recent Trends in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a service based computing technology. Cloud computing also enables on-demand computing services and resources for the users. The one of best characteristics of cloud computing is it’s provide pay per use services to the various users. Cloud computing allows to access various potential services which offered by the internet.

In today’s scenario there are so many recent developments running in the cloud computing. There are numerous applications and many well know cloud computing tools for developments of applications. This article highlights major trends in cloud computing. The major trend in cloud computing are given below:

  1. Internet of Things and Cloud 

    With the fast development in Internet of Things (IoT), huge number of smart devices are connected in a network and generating a large amount of data. Through, IoT can connect large no of machines, but the challenge is how to store the data? Using cloud infrastructure as a service can store large amount of IoT devices generating data. IoT cloud service analyse the collected device data.

    5 Recent Trends in Cloud Computing
    Fig.1 – 5 Recent Trends in Cloud Computing
  2. Cloud and Agriculture

    Cloud enables smart farming for the farmers. Through cloud services farmers can takes maximum benefits. Through cloud based agriculture service farmers can takes benefits. Also it’s very useful for gathering important information of the agriculture devices and data.

  3. Cloud based E-Governance 

    Microsoft Azure cloud very useful for analytics of the state and central election data and results. Example. Last assembly election of Tamilnadu state azure plays a most important role for all perspective.

  4. Graphics as a Service 

    Sometimes hardware infrastructure required for high-end graphics applications. For that cloud change the reality. Cloud allows to users to run high-end graphics applications with a simple web browser. For example CUDA and Graphics processors can be used for graphics related application.

  5. Cloud for data analytics and retail 

    For analytics of large amount of data cloud service models like infrastructure as a service provide large no of resources. In various social applications cloud can be used for analytics purpose. Like Facebook display friend suggestions. iVend Cloud is one such application that suites the diverse needs of all smaller, boutique, speciality retailers, mid-sized retailers as well as the big-box retailers.

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