5 Smart Devices People Should Know About

Smart Devices

We live in an Era where Technology has been affected our lives a lot. From Smartphones to High End Computers, these devices play a very vital role in our life. Smartphones are getting smarter day by day. Similarly, computers are getting more compact and stylish day by day. Apart from computers and smartphones, much smarter devices are in market. There are various devices, people may not be aware of. This article is about 5 Smart devices.

1. Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

Smart DevicesIt’s one of the best security cameras by Nest. It does 24×7 live recording. It provides 130 degrees wide angle view with HD Recording. Whenever something critical happens, it sends you a notification on your device via mail or phone. This device also understands your voice with its built-in speaker microphone. For setup of this device, you just need Nest app, no other service required. The price of the device is $170.

2. Sphero BB- 8

Smart DevicesSphero BB 8 is Robot which can be controlled using App. It is one of the best smartest devices. It provides 60 min of battery life. Moreover, the device listens, records and reacts to your voice. The device is capable of recording and viewing Holographic videos. The price of the device is $129.

3. 24K Gold Limited Edition ZUS Smart USB

Smart DevicesThis is the best USB charger of it’s kind made exclusively out of Gold. This device charger is compatible with various smart devices. Also, you will be able to locate your car with this charger. It has the capacity to charge two iPads in just 3.75 hrs. The price of the device is $499.

4. Amazon Echo

Smart DevicesThis is the best speaker from Amazon that you should have. This device plays music from Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, Amazon Music and various other apps. Moreover, it offers 360 degrees omnidirectional audio experience. It also provides weather updates, records voice, answers questions and also provides updates related to current events happening in the city. The price of the device is $140.

5. Samsung Galaxy Gear VR

Smart DevicesGalaxy Gear is powered by Oculus, it is one of the best devices to experience Virtual Reality. This device compatible Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Note 7, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge+. Also, latest devices S7 and S7 Edge can experience the Virtual Reality with the help of Micro USB one. The price of the device is less than $99.