8 Points to Keep in Mind while Design a Mobile App


While developing the app, we move step by step. The first phase of any app is requirement gathering. After collecting complete app specifications, you need to decide the flow of the application and rough design of each screen so that next step will become easier.

Next step is designing which is the most important phase (Actually all phases are important!) because design creates the first impression on user’s mind.

That’s why design your app amazingly so that users can’t move their eyes from your app! 😛

I am going to provide you the 9 tips to design your app in such a way that your users will love it.

So, let’s start…

1.    Think from user’s point of view. You are also using many applications, right? So which type of apps you liked most? App with simple and limited features?  App with lots of features? App with easy navigation? App with a simple design or colorful app?

This thinking will surely help you to find which type of apps users like the most.

2.    Before start designing, think that which age group will use your app? It is very easy to decide. Like, if it is beauty tips related app, then surely it will be used by girls, so based on that you can decide colors of application. For example, you can use pink color, if it relates to girls.

Like, if it is color booking app or nursery poems app, then surely that will be used by kids. So, you can make that app more colorful and very easy to use.

So, based on age group, you can get many ideas related to app design.

3.    Category of App

The category also matters. For example, your app comes in the business category. Let’s say, you are developing an invoice maker app, then your app should look professional. Professional colors and really very simple any funky designs are not allowed (Not allowed means not banned by Google, but just think how it will look if you see any business app in multi colors :P) in this category.

Another example, you can give this funky and artistic looks to those apps if you are developing the app for any rock band or for any music artist. Their fans will love that!

4.    Simplicity

Design a very simple layout of your app so that anyone can easily use your app without making much learning efforts. Because people don’t have much time to learn your app, in that time, they will download another app and use it.

Competition is very tough!!

5.    Easy Navigation

Design your app in such a way that user can easily navigation one screen of your app to any other screen of your app (As much as possible! I can understand that everything is not possible).

It will make user fall in love with your app.

6.    Self-Explanatory Logo

As I said, the design creates the first impression of your app on user’s mind, Logo comes very first. While searching on play-store on any other app stores, first we will see the logo of an app, and after seeing the logo, we will open the detail page of that app.

Has this happened to you that you just seen the logo and directly install the app without reading any detailed description? Yeah! Many times it happens that some logos are very awesome and we directly judge the app based on that.

In that way Logo is a very important part of your application. And one more thing I noticed that very well-known and famous app kept their logo very simple but attractive and meaningful.

7.    Colors, Backgrounds, Buttons, Fields Etc.

Every small point is important. Your app is going to represent your company or organization so doesn’t ignore any minor point.

Choose app colors carefully, as I said above also that you can decide the colors based on age group and category of the app. And if the website of the app is already available then you can use the colors of your website also. This will keep continuity and it will be easy to recognize that app represents your website.

Always do research about latest designing trends before start designing. It will help you decide that what is new and what can be helpful in your design. For example, currently, there is a trend of transparent backgrounds.

Also be choosy in style of buttons, style of a checkbox, input field and all others.

8.    App Screenshots
I know, you are going to tell me that app screenshots come at the time of launching the app. I also know that. 😛 But I mention here because it’s also part of designing your app. The screenshots represent your app before the user installs the app. So that is important to design informative and attractive screenshots.

After logo, screenshots are the second impression and your app in the third impression.

Design your screenshots in such way that they will cover all the functionalities of the app. For Google Play screenshots, you can write text also. For Apple, you need to check their guidelines first. Google Play allows uploading 8 screenshots while Apple allows you to upload 5 screenshots. So keep that also in mind.

So, what are you thinking? If you want more downloads, installs and active users of your app, you need to do hard work in Mobile App development and Design. If you think, I miss any point which we need to think while designing the app, please do comment and share your knowledge.