How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting Digital Marketing?


There have been path-breaking improvements in technology like from Apple’s intelligent assistant Siri to self-driving cars, Android, Virtual Reality, the launch of the Mars Rover etc. and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest in these all. Artificial Intelligent technology continues in emerging more and more and is even touching a point at which it is able to exceed humans in several phases and here we are discussing how will artificial intelligence (AI) impact digital marketing in future. In the past, Digital Marketers wasn’t sure about the artificial intelligence (AI) in their digital marketing procedures. But now they understand the AI technology and their doubts have been decreased with regard to the outcomes it can give.

Current Survey and State of the Art

A survey of 1,600 digital marketing professionals shows that 61% of them are believed that artificial intelligence and machine learning can be most valuable data drives in the next some years. While one of the Salesforce reports showed that from 3500 Digital Marketers, 51% of digital marketers are already working on AI and more than 27% is even thinking on including such technologies in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence has established a great appearance by its subsidiary technologies like the big data, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) etc. But these are only parts that will provide eventually towards delivering the entire potential of AI. We will see the result and visible differences due to the AI applications in near future. Here Let’s got through the Applications of Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing.

  1. Offer Smooth Search Sessions


Digital Marketing involves several modules like SEO, SMO, PPC, SEM, SMM, and many others from which search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part.
The way users do online searches have improved as Search engines and the search process have grown sharper and more trouble-free with AI-based digital marketing. AI can definitely track search keywords, online performance, shopping patterns, and navigation manners, creating highly precise results for any search query. There are 2 big improvements in artificial intelligence that changed search engine optimization (SEO):

  • Voice Search and
  • Google’s algorithm, RankBrain.

Voice Search techniques examples are like Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple’s Siri, etc to perform searches by just giving a voice command. Also, it can predict queries and allows Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), for example, Apple and iTunes. RankBrain is the Google’s machine learning algorithm which was designed to get much more appropriate search results. It tries to understand the search query by voice and, by using the power of AI, gives the best results.

2. Customize User Experience (UX)


Most websites now give messenger (chat) applications that enable users to chat with an operator. Now we can customize this chatbot using to AI and it is beneficiary in many ways like bots never lose their temper. Such AI-powered bots will treat them with the most attention and they are available for 24×7 to handle several requests concurrently. To experience such Chatbot, you can visit Sephora, it is using an AI-based chatbot. And Good NEWS is that it is not too expensive.

3. Image Recognition


Image recognition can benefit you in monitoring Digital Marketing ROI (Return on Investment) and defend your brand. You will be allowed to trace how a sponsorship is creating with image and logo detection and this will assist you to decide how much return you will get in your investment. Matthias Dantone, CEO and co-founder of Fashwell, highlighted about new image recognition technology which enables buyers to do visual searches by uploading an image and seeking for the products represented in that image.

In the earlier days, identifying an image was limited to recognise isolated objects in an image. Now, with the support of AI, It enhances simple to get complete information of an image. AI-based Amazon Recognition is the latest advancement from Amazon which can really recognise objects, identify human faces and their sentiments. In the financial and banking sectors, to improve security and to do quicker payment procedures, recognizing an image with AI-tools is the best option.

4. Targeting the Right Audience


Reaching to the right audience is very necessary for delivering value to your organisation and its assets. But special thanks to AI, as digital marketing based on AI makes it simpler to target the right audiences. Marketers can leverage cutting-edge technology to gather and analyze large numbers of buyer data including their focus, demography, privileges, and other aspects to come up with a set of auspicious approaches.

5. Content Creations and Curation


Yes! AI can create content for you and the content created by AI will be more useful and help you to bring visitors to your website. It can assist you to keep loads of time and resources. Artificial Intelligent tools such as Wordsmith, Articoolo, and Quill are already in the use by the Associated Press and Forbes to generate news, which helps to get clicks on their websites and also BBC, CBS, Washington, the New York Times and Reuters have implemented this technology.

AI is not only able to create content but it can also curate it. AI-based Content curation will make it viable to properly connect with visitors on several websites and present them with more appropriate content.
As we can see, artificial intelligence has many advantages in digital marketing approach. AI is the new platform for productivity, profitability, and enhancement to offer a higher Return on Investment. So be ready to work with artificial intelligence in digital marketing!