AT&T Introduces new IoT Starter Kits for AWS and Raspberry Pi


AT&T, which is the second largest provider of mobile telephone services and fixed telephone services in the US, has expanded its service in the Internet of Things in August 2016. AT&T launched an all-in-one IoT Starter Kit for the developers to enhance their Internet of Things Projects. In this Article, you will be learning about AT&T IoT Starter Kit along with the support
of which companies AT&T has developed Kits and which essential resources are included in the kit. AT&T introduces new IoT Starter Kits for AWS and Raspberry Pi Devices.

AT&T IoT Starter Kit for AWS and Raspberry Pi Devices

AT&T has recently launched the two versions of the new starter kit, one for Amazon Web Services and another one to enhance Raspberry-Pi devices. Basically, this IoT starter kit has been launched with various connectivity options so that developers can bring new ideas to life. Also in the new version the company has integrated support for USB connectivity, which gives flexibility to the developers to connect various devices.

AT&T IoT Starter Kits

Firstly, AT&T build an AWS Focused Starter Kit by developing a relationship with Amazon and Avnet. Developers using this new kit can provide new solutions for AT&T IoT and AWS IoT. This kit also provides a high level of security along with application level security.

AWS Kit Provides following things:
  • LTE Cat-1 Modem
  • A sim card with 300 MB of Data for users in US and Mexico for 6 months
  • Two Antennas
  • Two USB cables and a USB Plug
  • NXP K63F development board
  • A microSD Card to store security credentials and configuration

The First Original Kit which was launched by AT&T six months ago contains an Arduino Microcontroller Carrier Board, was not useful to all developers, so AT&T developed an LTE IoT Add-on-Kit which will be useful for the developers working on Raspberry Pi devices or similar kind of devices.

LTE IoT Add-on-Kit includes:
  • LTE Cat-1 Modem
  • A sim card with 300 MB of Data in US and Mexico for 6 months
  • Two Antennas
  • Two USB cables and a USB Plug

Moreover, in both the Starter kits, AT&T has added the support of PubNub’s Data Stream Network and very easy to use API, Which not only provides low latency but also secure two-way messaging at scale.
Moreover, PubNub BLOCKS makes DSN Programmable, which allows various developers to run logic on data across the network, it reduces the time and enhances various new potentials by removing the need to deploy and scale up servers.

Realtime AT&T IoT Startup Kit Challenge

Developers are the main reason for the latest Innovation in the field of IoT. In order to present their Innovations related to IoT, AT&T has been teamed up with PubNub and All the developers have been participating in the Realtime AT&T Starter Kit Challenge using AT&T IoT Starter Kit and PubNub’s data Stream

In the End, Two Winners will present their projects on the stage at the AT&T Developer Summit in Las Vegas. All the additional challenge projects will be accepted until February end for a chance to win prizes.