How Can Latest AI-Powered Cameras Offer Best Security?


AI-based Security Camera: 

We all assume for a surveillance camera as digital eyes, seeing over us or guarding out for us, as per your need. But actually, it is useful only when someone is watching by them and for it sometimes a human watching live footage, from cameras like CCTV. Most surveillance cameras are influenced, though. The automated surveillance is thriving in this digitalized era and the latest CCTV camera with machine learning techniques has the ability to find troubling operation without human surveillance. And in near future, we can buy such AI-Powered Cameras from local stores to get more security.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere! Artificial Intelligence, this word becomes a trend in modern technology development. AI means how to learn a device to think like humans? With the term AI frequently being used not only in Smartphone but in all sorts of cameras, it gives to recognize what AI is really doing for your photos. Artificial intelligence is providing surveillance cameras with digital brains to meet their eyes, giving them interpret live video with no humans required. This will be great news for public security, supporting police and initial respondents more quickly detect violations and accidents and have a variety of controlled and technical applications. But it also grows serious issues about the future of privacy and pretends new dangers to social equity.

Smart AI-based cameras can give new benefits, like a Mobile phone notification that a kid just reached home carefully, etc. Let see some of the camera examples:

  • Google Clips: Google launched an artificial intelligence (AI) based camera known as Google Clips. It is small ample to take a snap of the tucked away discreetly in the nook of a room. Google Clips is an innovative device with a machine learning algorithm to snaps autonomously whenever it detects relevant. The algorithm of this device regularly learns both what takes a good photo by brightness, depth, facial emotions, etc. and what appropriate user preferences in their gallery.

Google Clips

  • IC Realtime: IC Realtime is a flagship product was announced as Google for CCTV. It’s an app and web program called Ella that work on AI to interpret what’s occurring in video and create it directly searchable. Ella can recognize colors of clothes wear by people or even car models. Ella works on Google Cloud and can find footage from much any CCTV system.


  • AI Guardman: In Japan, it is specially produced to assist shop owners to spot possible shoplifters. AI Guardman uses open source technology created by Carnegie Mellon University to scan live video and evaluate the poses of anything it can see. The device then matches this pose data to find suspicious action. If it detects something unusual, it warns shopkeepers by a connected app.

AI Guardman

  • Qualcomm’s Camera: Mobile-chip company Qualcomm heralds launched a new thin wand with twin lenses like bulbous eyes. The firm developed the six-inch-long, half-inch-thick device to show how a new chip can support security cameras and other devices better interpret images. Qualcomm already exports 1 million chips a day for practice on the internet of things devices.

Qualcomms Camera

In the demo of this device, Qualcomm’s camera showed tricks like identifying people by their looks, and recognizing and tracing a package carried in a person’s hands. The device could make this individually, without hitting a server in the cloud for interpretation.

Evaluating technology like this is hard at a way, but it’s obvious that this kind of automated surveillance is only persisting to become more obvious in the future, with experts working on modern analysis like detecting disturbed behavior in crowds, or any other such things.