Which Computing Technologies Enhances IoT Developments ?

IoT Developments

Internet of Things (IoT) is developing fast and has extended its reach into virtually every domains. Therefore shorter response times, high-speed data processing, and analytics are becoming more important than ever. Currently, other computing technologies are either in a mature stage or taking shape that, meets these requirements. This article highlights what way the Computing Technologies helps to meet said requirements and will have greater impact on IoT developments.


Internet of Things means connecting of various physical devices to the Internet to collect and transfer data from one end to other end or vice-versa. Other Definition, IoT includes connecting of various smart devices and machines that we use in our daily life with the Internet to make better communication and to make our life faster and quicker.

Day by Day the Technology is expanding to a greater extent that we can’t even imagine. The rate of data transfer from one end to the other end is also increasing. But as we move further with this technology, the question arises, should this processing of data to be handled by a Thing(Edge), a Server(Cloud) or something in middle i.e Fog.

As per the analysis, Smart Building is the best thing to work for Internet of Things as we will be able to connect one-third of  all the connecting devices. But, when we think of smart building, we need different devices to operate at different levels. But do we need to develop infrastructure in cloud, a fog, and an Edge or just by focusing on one thing IoT will work.

Cloud Computing

In the recent years, one of the computing technologies, cloud computing is being used at a vast level. Right now the computing technology is in its mature state. Cloud Computing is now being accepted by various organizations all around the world to store a large amount of data and to access it from any location whenever it is required. Cloud Computing provides analysis of data easily beside it can also provide versatile, adaptable and scalable resources to handle day to day problems.

Cloud Computing Services will be beneficial for Start-up companies who require large data processing as they don’t need to purchase any hardware or software. Various big companies are opting for cloud services. As these services will be cost effective and flexible for them. Also by the establishment of private cloud for such companies will reduce their risks related to security and privacy.

Fog Computing

Fog Computing uses LAN (Local Area Network) where data need to be collected from various sources and processed and stored in network using an IoT Gateway or a Fog node. In Fog Computing, all information is sent to gateway from various devices, after which it is processed and then any required command are sent back to the devices in the network. Fog Computing is more scalable then Edge Computing.

Edge Computing

In Edge Computing, it doesn’t focus on processing bulk data in server. In this, all the devices have to contribute in processing their information. This type of processing can be achieved using Programmable Automation Controllers(PAC). Due to this, the chances of failure in Edge Computing are less as each device has to process data in Local Network and then send to the cloud.

What Way Fog, Edge and Cloud Helps IoT?

In current years, Internet of Things have been hot topic. It has been used for Smart home, Smart Buildings, and Smart City in general. It supports Decentralized Architecture which can be established using Edge Computing, but using this it will have heavy communication traffic.

Both Edge and Fog Computing play a vital role in IoT, as they are focusing on reducing the traffic on network. Besides this, we assume that Gateways to be placed near to the edges as it will be beneficial for developing the bridge between edge devices and higher level networks.

As per the report, Internet of Things is expected to grow to about 20 to 30 billion devices in 2020. This means that Data Processing and storage will increase simultaneously. As per the Moore’s Law, Computing and Storage power will double every one and half years while bandwidth will increase at a slower pace.

Both Fog and Edge computing are meant for processing data and making computing solutions easier at local level. While cloud computing can provide services when computing and storage requirement is big. All three computing technologies will have a greater impact on IoT developments. It will help organizations to serve society in a better way.