Facebook’s Human Like Learning Applications

Facebook's Human Like Learning

Researchers are increasingly using machine learning to solve real world problem. It enable computers to teach themselves by examining huge data sets. Facebook uses the machine learning to enable computers to categories text and recognise images. People may be curious to know about Facebook’s Human Like Learning applications. This article briefly explains Facebook’s DeepText and Moments App.

DeepText – Provides Meaning to Text

Billions of people check, Facebook every day, and has trillions of status updates, event invitations, photo albums. The majority of text-based information on Facebook servers is unstructured. Facebook doesn’t know user’s intent of posting. Deep Text understand the meaning and sentiment behind posted text. They are building  it to help people to find things interested in and weed out spam.

DeepText is trained using Deep Neural learning algorithm by presenting huge data sets. It categorise text and provide meaning to all the text. The company is striving to turn all that unstructured data into meaningful information. It facilitates users to efficiently search required content. Basically the Deep neural learning is a sub area of artificial intelligence.

The company is developing great capacity to manage and monitor all the information posted on the network. It use Deep Text to connect people with similar interests, sell more ads, and help people find things they’re looking for. Facebook’s Human Like Learning application, DeepText is working successfully.

Moments  – Photo Sharing Solution

Moments is an interesting photo sharing solution. It lets you share them with a few taps. The app is powered by artificial intelligence based face recognition algorithm. The app uses machine learning to learn from set of photos. Then it automatically recognise people in the photo. Moments is one of the Facebook’s Human Like Learning applications.

Facebook's Human Like Learning
A Mobile App Powered by Face Recognition

Moments scans your camera photos for familiar faces and lets you quickly “sync” them to the subject of the photo. Your will see the photos added to their own synced collection, if they uses the app.

However, they will receive a notification on Facebook Messenger that photos are waiting in Moments, if they do not have the app. The app then builds a collection of photo albums featuring you and your tagged friends that you can scroll through, search, and easily rename. The company is investing billions of dollars for development of such machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.