Intel Introduces a New Platform for Retailer IoT

Intel Introduces new platform for Retailer IoT

Internet of Things is growing the market since the last one year. All the leading companies around the world are looking forward to enhancing new technologies and expand their business. In order to provide new solutions for the retailers, Intel introduces a new platform for retailer IOT. In this article, you will learn about this new platform, what are the benefits of this platform and much more.

Intel Introduces new platform for Retailer IoT

As per the blog, Intel plans to Invest $100 million in the retail solutions for the next five years. According to the CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich, at NRF 2017 – Retail Big Show, announced Responsive Retail Platform(RRP) for the Retailers and also said that the company will bring new technologies to give the best experience to the customers.

Intel Introduces a new platform for Retailer IoT
Intel New Platform

The RRP Consists of a variety of Sensors, APIs, Software Devices and Hardware Solutions build to provide highly efficient solutions. One of the major goals of the company is to increase their Inventory Processing Speeds and allow buyers to provide Feedback on the purchase of various Items in order to provide best-customized buyer experience.

Various Other Devices by Intel

Intel has also Displayed various other Innovative Retail Demos like its booth, 3D-Knitting, real-time, Data-Driven, Clothing and various other Interactive Designs to attract as many customers as they can. By Building new things, Company wants to bring new advancements in the field of IoT.

Intel Units connected with IoT

Apart for IoT for Retailers, the company has also specialized in other two units which will also focus to build devices by keeping in mind Internet of Things:

  • The IoT Group, which focuses on designing new connected devices. This group is one of the most successful group to bring Innovative Solutions by Expanding their Business in the Field of IoT.
  • The Automated Driving Group, which entirely focuses on constructing new solutions for the self-driving cars, uniquely focuses on designing microprocessors for various vehicles.

Intel is not the one company introducing new devices and driving solutions in IoT, Verizon and Qualcomm introduced new IoT Modules. Also, Qualcomm and NXP Semiconductors are building new microchips to provide latest services in the field of IoT.

Intel builds this Platform to bring new Retailers to Expand their business in the Interne of things. RRP will bring a lot of advantages, not only for the customers who want Customized Buyer Experience but also for the retailers who wants to Enhance their Business Operations. Internet of Things will be the new market for various companies in the next few years. Large Companies are going to Invest a Trillion of Dollars in the Internet of Things in the upcoming five years.