IoT Can Help Parents When They Get Older

Woman giving senior woman introduction to internet with a tablet computer

Internet of Things is a system of Interconnected devices such as software, sensors, digital machines, etc to have better networking and ability to transfer data to and fro fastly. Internet of Things is growing at a much faster rate. Internet of Things can be useful for all the ages of the people. In the past one year, major companies of the world have started focusing on developing various IoT Products. In this article, I will brief you about,  How IoT can help parents when they get older.

IoT can help parent when they get older
Internet of Things

A small Research about Human Population

No one in the human history is going to live a very long life. As per a research, if a person is able to live at the age after 65, he/she can live up to the age of 85. As we are living a long life, we are likely to have fewer babies. Also, one of the fact associated with this is, there is more population with age greater or equal to 65 while less population as under age of 15. This scenario is examined in major countries of the world like Japan, china, Europe, and America.

All people starting from the Baby Boomers, gen-x and millennials are likely to live longer. For those who don’t know about Baby Boomers, Baby Boomers are the people born in the years between 1946 to 1964. While Millennials are the people born in the 1980s and Gen-x are the people born between two generations. Baby Boomers are the people who started the evolution in all the lives of the people. They introduced a vast amount of technologies, services, machines, etc for the society. It is due to these people, we are going to decide who we will be living our life, how we will organize daily life and medical care and political world.

In early years of the 1950s it was believed that 62 is the age of retirement, but nowadays that age can be 15 years more than that, as we haven’t started saving the money appropriately and we are too worried about social security and medical conditions. As per the current scenario, we are living in the age where current social security, medical care, community, economics, policies will not be useful as they are way too old. In order to overcome this, IoT can help parents when they get older.

Now I will provide you information about how IoT will be useful for various generations

IoT can be beneficial for Baby Boomers 

Internet of Things will be much useful for Baby Boomers than other two generations. Various smart devices related to health care such as Fitbit, health wearables, other devices associated with medical healthcare are much useful for them. Wearables will be useful for monitoring continuously about Health while these devices can also be useful to provide automatic alerts at the times of emergency.

Although IoT is providing various critical services useful for the old-age people it is somewhat difficult for them to adopt these devices. With the use of these devices, old-age people will get alerts about various activities happening at the home constantly. Due to this, they will be able to live an independent life and they don’t need to move nursing homes.

Thus by adopting various smart devices and services associated with IoT, IoT can help parents when they get older.