IoT Security Chip AWS-ECC508 from Microchip Technology and Amazon

IoT Security Chip AWS-ECC508

Internet of Things is the connection of various computing devices for making better communication and exchanging data through internet. There is no doubt in it that Internet of Things will be used in various parts of the world after next 10 years. But will this technology be secure, is there any chances of data loss, miscommunication, and potential threats? This article gives information about the IoT Security Chip AWS-ECC508 which will help IoT devices to transfer data from one end to other and vice-versa.

Collaboration of Microchip Technology and Amazon

The Microchip Technology and the have collaborated to build a chip that can be used to protect from certain types of attack and also to inspire developers to used Amazon’s Cloud-based services for the IoT. Both the companies have designed an IoT Security Chip AWS-ECC508 that will provide more security to the developers who use Amazon’s IoT for Cloud Services. The use of Cloud services will grow exponentially in the next few years.

Which devices can be controlled by the IoT Security Chip AWS-ECC508?

With the help of this chip, all different types of smart devices can be controlled by the human beings. Let’s it be surveillance camera, smart bulb, thermostat, washing machine, data will be sent to the cloud whether to switch on or off the light which in turn send data to the device. But there are chances threats from the attacker in the middle. Also, the attacker can change the data, so the user may get incorrect data. Also, there are chances that attacker may include malicious data in the connection and many control the device. Apart from Smart Bulb, there are various other devices also which can be controlled by the chip.

All the IoT device manufacturers takes a lot of time to find the problem,  primarily “because they are always very sensitive about the cost” of adding better security, explains Microchip engineer Eustace Asanghanwa. This is especially true for manufacturers of products who do not see their products as critical. For example, if they are just making a light bulb [they think] it’s not a critical component. If it fails, nobody is going to be harmed. But the truth of it is that once the device is connected, it’s not just the value of the device anymore that’s at stake. It’s the value of what that device is connected to,” says Asanghanwa.

How AWS-ECC508 chip will offer security?

The Amazon’s  AWS-ECC508 chip is build to offer end-to-end security between the IoT Devices and the Cloud Services. The chip provides such security due to Amazon’s mutual authentication system. which firstly verify the identity of smart devices and the cloud services and then accepts any data from the user. Here Identities are mainly based on Cryptographic keys. Before this chip, all the keys were made by the Original Manufacturer, which generate keys and pass along the chain. While here, this chip will generate its own keys that Amazon will accept as authenticate.

IoT Security Chip AWS-ECC508 uses an Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) algorithm rather than the RSA algorithm, which will provide more power and more security. Moreover, ECC also requires less resources as compared to RSA Algorithm.

The Amazon’s IoT Security Chip AWS-ECC508 offers a high amount of security and is also available at a nominal price. In Bulk, the chip will be available at $0.68 each.