Recent Developments in Voice Controlled Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology includes some smart devices or electronics items that can be worn by a human as an accessory. Such devices transfer the data to the manufacturer or operator or the other devices using the Internet without asking human interference. It started with developing a wearable computer but, as time passed, it is available in the form of many devices which are small in size like wearable clothes or wearable beautiful accessories. This article is about recent developments in Voice Controlled Wearable Technology.

Voice is the Key to Voice Wearable Technology

Voice recognition technology is announced by Bell Labs in around 1950 but it’s used in 1990 in IVR System. After that, the 2 more products made voice recognition system more famous: one is the Google Voice Search which lets a user ask a question by speaking it out loud and answers will be spoken back but only for US American language. The second is the Apple’s Siri, which is the same application as Google voice search but it can be used only in an iOS operating system and it offers multiple languages. Voice-controlled wearable are preferable by people because users don’t have to type or observer that they type the right words so their hands and eyes can keep rest while surfing or searching.

Voice Controlled Wearable Devices – At a glance!

The wearable technology may in the form of a Pair of Headphones or a smart watch or clothes and the simple interface of them like voice or gesture are not enough to adopt it but the understanding of the human using it too also needed. Personalization, such as assuming a user’s need based on earlier behaviour or their place, will be critical in the uptake of wearable tech. Providing such things takes more than just simple voice recognition, it needs real machine learning and the capability to analyse natural language data in related real-time.

There is a range of products and applications produced widely by using voice as a user interface. Smart wearable devices that can be worn as accessories used in some tasks like to control the AC or to get traffic or weather conditions. In some Smartphone, you can also keep your voice as your password.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Jarvis Work on Voice Command


Mark Zuckerberg wrote a Facebook post on 19th December 2016 and introduced his Jarvis robot which can manage appliances, Detect faces, play music, and even take care and make fun with Zuckerberg’s daughter “Max” who is 1 year old with special lessons. Jarvis is worked on voice command and it’s the latest device.

Voice Controlled Wearable in Medical Field


Use of Wearable that works on Voice commands is increased in the medical field to help a person or patient to fight with some diseases or disabilities. Like A group of high-school students developed a wearable for paralysed person to give the movements to shoulder, elbows, fingers or close and open hands with voice commands.

A multi function acoustic sensor has been developed by the researcher of the Colorado Boulder University and Northwestern University which is known as Pliable. It can be worn as a band-aid on the body to observe the heart and identify spoken words. The researchers think that the device could one day be adapted to control a wide range of bodily functions, while also enabling the wearer to command robots via voice command. To use the concept of Voice controlled via vibration capture, the researchers used the Pac-Man game as a test subject and modulated their vocal cords for the Left, right, up and down.

Many acoustics devices are used for heart and other track but some of them are too bulky to wear while pliable it is very small and comfortable to wear at any part of the body. And some of them used to monitor as long as they travel through the body.

Smart Watch Work on Voice Controlled System

Smart watch by Will I'am

Music producer has developed a smart watch which is voice activated device with the bespoke operating system called AneedA. The user can operate it by speaking into it. There is no any search engine integrated with the operating system of it so the results of questions asked by users given by third party partners like Yelp.

It is working as a 4G mobile phone and uses its own SIM card so users don’t need a mobile phone. It has many facilities that a mobile phone has, like front camera, sending emails and messages facilities, receive calls, play music and many others.

There are some fitness smart devices available to which you can ask that How far I have run? How many calories I have burnt? What is my heart rate? How many steps have I walked? And many more question.

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