Research Shows 80 Percent IoT Apps Left Unsecured

Research Shows 80 Percent IoT apps left Unsecured
Internet of Things

Internet of Things is the Interconnection of various smart devices to make better communication with those devices. Internet of Things is now being accepted by both large scale and small scale companies. But, one of the major problem involved in the IoT devices is its Security. Recently, Research shows 80 Percent IoT apps left Unsecured. In this article, you will be getting detailed information about research conducted by the Ponemon Institute about IoT.

Research Made by Ponemon Institute

As per the recent study that was done by the Ponemon Institute, 80 percent of the IoT apps have Security Vulnerabilities which will be a problem for various Organizations and Consumers.

Research Analysis 

Whenever we talk about Vulnerabilities, there is a lack of care about the security apps from the beginning of making such apps. As per the survey made by 55 percent of 593 IT security practitioners, there is a lack of Quality Assurance and Testing Procedures for IoT Apps. There are a lot of High-Profile attacks being happened recently, due to which the Expectation from the IoT Device Manufacturers is increased, that they will improve their testing methods. In the last year, the biggest High-Profile attack was being made by Miral Botnet, they Hijacked Numerous IoT Devices to make the biggest DDoS Attack in the History.

Research Shows 80 Percent IoT apps left Unsecured
Internet of Things

As per the research, 84 percent of people were more concerned about the security risks involved in the Mobile Apps, while the 66 percent of the people were concerned about the vulnerabilities affecting IoT Apps. Security Executives are obviously more concerned about the Threats involved with the apps that are linked with their organizations. Also, 79 percent of Participants were concerned about the Risks with mobile apps and 75 percent of Participants were concerned about the Risks with the IoT Apps very exceptionally. About 58% participants were concerned about being hacked by IoT Apps and 53% participants concerned about being hacked by mobile apps.

Awareness about IoT Devices and Apps

Despite being such an awareness spread about the Risks that being involved with the IoT Apps and IoT Devices, only some companies are focusing widely on protecting consumers from such attacks. So there are a lot of doors open for the intruders to attack these apps, which will affect the current world consequences. Most of the risks involved in the organization about the IoT is due to lack of Understanding about the security attacks. Most Organizations have just started accepting IoT before few months, so it will take some time to understand various security risks involved in IoT.

All the Security Executives have to take great effort to introduce advanced testing features and assure that threats are being fixed and also strong Cryptographic features are to be added to provide the best security to various IoT Devices and Apps. Also, Manufactures should be more concern in building devices which gives more security than the devices which provide more features. More features in the devices can be added later, but to maintain the reputation of an Organization, it requires to provide products that are meant to provide great security.