Deep Learning Startups in Computer Vision Domain

Deep Learning Startups
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Machine Learning and Deep Learning are buzzwords of the recent times. Day by day applications using Machine learning (Artificial Intelligence) are increasing like anything. Startups are coming up with innovative products, services and systems that uses machine learning techniques. This article gives details of Deep Learning Startups in Computer Vision domain. Startups here are using deep learning for image recognition, analysis, and classification.

Deep Learning Startups

1. Clarifai

Headquarters‎: Santa Clara, California; Founded: 2013 ]

Clarifai is an artificial intelligence company that excels at visual recognition. Its first image recognition systems held the top 5 spots for classifying objects in images in Large Scale Image Recognition Competition, ImageNet 2013. Since then Clarifai’s deep learning systems have improved orders of magnitude in speed, vocabulary size, memory footprint and have expanded beyond images to extract knowledge from all forms of data.

The hub of Clarifai’s technology is a high performance deep learning API on which a new generation of intelligent applications is being built. It enables Clarifai to combat everyday problems with high tech solutions by providing powerful machine learning systems to everyone in new and innovative ways.

2. Lunit

Headquarters‎: Seoul, South Korea; Founded: 2014]
The is on of the Deep Learning Startups using Deep learning for medical data analysis and interpretation. They have developed Data-driven Imaging Biomarker (DIB) algorithm. It helps radiologists to understand medical images.
They had participated in Large Scale Visual Recognition competition, 2016 named “ImageNet”. Here they competed with researchers from Microsoft, Google, Tencent, and other giant tech companies. Lunit won Tumour Proliferation Assessment Challenge (Tupac) 2016.

3. TeraDeep Inc.

Headquarters‎: Santa Clara, California;  Founded: 2014 ]

The startup’s is in development of systems with the ability to perceive the environment, photos, videos, voice, music, speech. It has develops highly differentiated specialised neural networks. They use a proprietary data sets to provide more robust solutions that address specific needs. Their mission is to make devices into products that people want to interact with just like if it was another person. The startup has built technology for image recognition based on deep learning. It is the one of the Deep Learning Startups, where Facebook’s LeCun is an adviser.

4. Descartes Labs

[ Headquarters‎: Los Alamos, New Mexico; Founded: 2014 ]

Descartes Labs is teaching computers how to see the world and how it changes over time based on Deep Learning and advanced remote sensing algorithms. Their first application is to use massive amounts of satellite imagery, across both visible and non-visible spectrum, to gain a better understanding of global crop production.

5. Terraloupe

[ Headquarters‎: Gilching, Bayern, Germany;  Founded: 2015 ]

An innovative startup with expertise in geo-informatics and machine learning. They provide high resolution air-born image acquisition and object recognition of geo-specific 3D information. Their abilities cover 3D virtual reality solutions based on very precise remote sensing imagery of large areas in cm-accuracy. They developed intelligent algorithms that classify image content adapted to needs.

6. Captricity

[ Headquarters‎: Downtown Oakland, CA;  Founded‎: ‎2011 ]

The Startup uses a combination of machine-learning and human verification to perform OCR data captured from hand-filled forms. Captricity capitalises on the process of crowd sourcing, parceling out OCR verification tasks to human operators. This data then populates searchable spreadsheets (like a .csv Excel file). Captricity does not support unstructured data.
The startup claims that their technology achieves 99.9% accuracy. It has raised $49M in equity funding from investors: White Mountains Insurance Group, Accomplice, Social Capital, and New York Life Insurance Company.

7. HyperVerge

[ Headquarters‎: Silicon Valley;  Founded‎:  2014 ]

HyperVerge uses deep learning algorithms to process consumer images and videos on the cloud. Proprietary and patented image technology modules developed by HyperVerge for processing of images include: face detection; face recognition; scene recognition; bad photo detection; duplicate photo detection; photo clustering; photo album summarization; face enhancement; photo enhancement.

8. Tractable

[ Headquarters‎: London, England;  Founded‎: 2014 ]

Tractable is developing proprietary machine learning algorithms, with a focus on deep learning for computer vision. The company’s focus is getting unlabelled data and supervised learning to work together. Application areas include insurance claims, industrial inspection; remote monitoring, among others.

9. Dextro

[ Headquarters‎: ‎New York, NY;  Founded‎: ‎2013 ]

The company developed system which makes video searchable, curatable, and discoverable through machine learning and computer vision. Users can derive meaning from videos – whether they are live-streamed or prerecorded, user-generated or highly produced – as easily as if they were text. It has raised $1.71M from investors such as Two Sigma, Yale, RRE, Esther Dyson, and the co-founders of Medidata and Skype.

10. Affectiva

[ Headquarters‎: Massachusetts, United States; ‎ Founded‎: 2009 ]

Major work area is facial expression analysis. The startup has developed sophisticated computer vision algorithms to capture and identify emotion reactions to visual stimulus. Their flagship product ‘Affdex’ is easy to use, only a webcam is required. There is no need to install any software. It is unobtrusive–there are no messy wires or electrodes.


[ Headquarters‎: New York, USA; ‎ Founded‎: 2010 ]

IMRSV is working on Emotion Recognition using Webcams. It measures human reactions using standard webcams. It can measure scalably and accurately how people respond – whether they look at products, watch movies or ads on their phone, tablet or TV. It is useful for the Businesses that need a way to know precisely how their customers react, in real time, incredibly cheaply, and at scale.

IMRSV is a TechStars alum and recently recruited the Co-Founder of Siri to their Board of Directors. The team is led by an outstanding group of young startup and business executives along with PhD’s in computer vision.

12 MetaMind

[ Headquarters‎: Palo Alto, California, USA; Founded: 2014 ]

MetaMind is one of the Deep Learning Startups, developing system to make Deep Learning accessible to everyone; the company is building an AI platform for natural language processing, image understanding, and knowledge base analytics. The company offers products for medical imaging, food recognition, and custom solutions.

       The success of Deep Learning gained most of its popularity through outstanding performance on a various of computer visions tasks: Recognising objects, understanding scenes, and finding semantically similar images. The grand success of Deep Learning in Computer Vision has spurred a lot of startup activity and inspiring many innovative guys to found Deep Learning Startups in near future.