Why IoT and Machine Learning Goes Hand in Hand?

IOT and Machine Learning
Machine Learning

IoT is now being adopted in various houses and businesses at a tremendous speed. In the recent few years, there is a lot of research going on IoT. As it is being adopted more, more questions are asked about its security. On the other hand, many people believe that AI means a Robot which performs various tasks at home, it’s not correct. AI comprises of various elements of Big Data & Machine Learning. Also, IoT needs AI to make various smart gadgets. In this article, we brief you about why IoT and Machine Learning goes hand in hand.

why IoT and Machine Learning go hand in hand
IoT and Machine Learning

The problem involved in IOT and how machine learning can be used to overcome it.

Internet of Things can be embedded from small household devices to smartphones that are connected to a local network or the web. Everything from a smart gadget to a large car is connected to a network using IoT, which in turn increases the risk for security experts to provide more reliable and better secure data to the users.

In order to overcome the problem of security, the chief technology officer at cyber security firm Webroot, Hal Lonas says Machine Learning and AI can be used by the Cybersecurity experts to tackle the issues related to security in IoT. He said, “The security industry needs to get ahead of the problem we’re creating, and the only way to do that is with automation”.

Until now also IoT is a new and very naive market, many people don’t know the threats involved in the market. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are used in various Headsets which collect a vast amount of data from users than social media. Although, Oculus and Microsoft collect data for the vendors, but it should also be kept secure. Who knows that unprotected game or IoT data in a network gives information about users personal data to the cyber attacker.

In order to overcome this, Machine Learning can be used to protect IoT. Hal Lonas said, “Machine learning is not a silver bullet, but it is an essential tool in the box for keeping ahead of, or at least quickly detecting, some of the latest types of attack”. He also added, “Machine learning can monitor thousands of variables, versus the handful that people can, all while never getting tired, lazy, or taking a day off,” Lonas said. Due to this, the time of the Analyst will be reduced and he/she will be able to work on other aspects related to security in IoT

IoT and Machine Learning real life example

Internet of Things can be used to collect data immediately, while Machine Learning can be used as a tool to make decisions and take actions. To know in detail, I will provide you one example. One Insurance company wanted to know how to reduce the risk of falls for senior citizens having age 65 or more and living on their own. For this, they firstly collected pre-existing data which will be used to compare further with activities happening at home. Later, they installed sensors on seniors home to collect biometric data which will be stored in the cloud. Finally, the pre-existing data was then analyzed with the new data to help AI to predict the risk of falls before it can happen.

From the above example, we can understand that why IoT and Machine Learning goes hand in hand. As all of these Technologies are in the Early stages of development it is difficult to handle various algorithm in the machine learning with the IoT. Also, Experts will face a lot of challenges to provide security in IoT by combining Machine Learning. Hal Lonas also says it’s difficult to provide users full security as attackers will find new ways to collect user’s data.